Monday, September 4, 2017


You don't have to attend a church service nor do you have to visit this tiny church on a Sunday, as it is open to the public throughout the summer months.  I located this small church one day after taking a wrong turn in Northeast Harbor, seeing it, and deciding to check it out.  Since that time I have tried to visit it one or two times each summer.  And usually we are the only one's in the building, surprising since visitors are allowed almost complete access to the different sections of the church.
Saint Mary's By The Sea, Northeast Harbor, Maine
Its many stained glass windows are amazing works of art that you will want to photograph.
Just an amazing little church in Northeast Harbor, Maine.  To locate this almost hidden gem, drive down Main Street.  Turn left onto Kimball Road.  Stait Mary's By the Sea is at the far end of Kimball Street.

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