Saturday, May 27, 2017


Most visitors who come to Bar Harbor have heard of the Kebo golf Course, and for some they have even enjoyed a hole in one from time to time, but have you ever heard of a plane in one? 
What stranger sight could you expect to find on a golf course than that of a military aircraft, yet on the night of October 24, 1941 that is  what people in the town of Bar Harbor woke up to find. 
The plane in question was a Royal Canadian Air force Avro Anson coastal patrol plane, and people in town woke to its engines as it flew over and circled the town.  The plane was operating on fumes and the situation was critical.  Flying low to land the crew set off flares as the desperately searched for a safe place to land the plane.  As it turned out, with no time to spare, the young pilot chose to land the plane on the 535 year, par 5, 14th hole at Kebo Valley golf course.
The pilot made a belly landing and the plane skidded for about 600 feet before coming to a rest by a sand trap.  The only  damage to the plane seemed to be the propeller blades that bend on impact.